#23: The Dane and Tyler Show

#22: We're Professionals

The first episode of our second year of podcasting and it's starting out strong or so we'd like to think. Tyler shares an absurd film for punk rockers, Ben's film is a horror comedy fresh from Tyler's own list, Josh has his favorite comic from 2015, and Dane brings a classic black and white film for all ages.

#21: One More Year

They've done it! The guys have made it one year and if you've been with them the entire time thank you! For their first anniversary the guys brought some pretty great stuff. Tyler offers up a killer Korean monster flick, Ben shares a new foodie show, Josh brings something right up Tyler and Danes ally with a off the wall horror movie, and Dane shares an old school wacky horror game for the Dreamcast.

Thank you for supporting our show and welcome to all the new listeners! Here's to a great second year of Culturally Irrelevant!

#20: Dane In Real Life

#19: Adios, Rails

The guys have a special guest this episode and lets just say this doesn't help their pre-existing lack of ability to stay on topic. Tyler brings a creeptastic Austrian horror flick, Ben shares a killer shoot'em up, Josh offers up a slow but insightful board game, and Dane has a film that isn't as cheesy as it sounds.

Prepare yourself for the the groups most boisterous episode yet!

#18: Star Wars Special - Beware SPOILERS!!

It's a bit off topic, but we are such huge Star Wars fans (well almost all of us) that we had to do a Star Wars episode. The guys hope you enjoy our discussion and let us know what you agree with and which parts you think us idiots got way wrong.

#17: End Of The Year Favorites

This is the last episode of 2015 and to bring in the new year the guys are sharing their favorites from the past year. We hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and a great 2015! Thanks for listening and we look forward to sharing new great things with you in 2016.

#16: VHS...What's a VHS?

This episode starts off with Tyler brining a long forgotten, if ever known, animated short. Ben has a detective show with a twist, Josh shares a great documentary about the end of an era and Dane shares our very first book. Find out how everyone reacts and tell us which topic you liked most!

#15: Salted Earbuds

Tyler shares a eerie post-apocalyptic comic, Ben has a dark comedy with guns and giggles, Josh has a noir crime thriller with a super hero twist, and Dane shares a film from one of the linchpins of avant-garde cinema. 

#14: What's In The Box?

The guys are back after a little break and they've brought some pretty great stuff just for you.

Tyler shares a lesser known gem from a famous franchise, Ben brings a German black and white film, Josh has a movie that is certain to leave a mark, and Dane finds a way to talk about his favorite director of all time.

#13: Scary Spooky Haunted Edition

#12: Super Ultra Edition

#11: The Dane Is Back In Town

#10: Interpretive Podcasting

Tyler starts it off with a vibrantly violent comic, Ben offers up the first webcomic, Josh shares a documentary about a wizard of filmmaking, and Dane ends it with the movie equivalent of a kung fu kick to the face.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwierschke
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:

2:10 - Questions

  • I hate having games released only to be seemingly incomplete and require half my paycheck to get the rest of the material. Do you foresee this problem growing? Or will DLC eventually go extinct?
  • Destiny (2014)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

11:14 - Tyler

19:58 - Ben

29:44 - Josh

39:38 - Dane

57:32 - Cultural Elephant

58:12 - Most Irrelevant

59:18 - Culturally Relevant

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#9: Take Two

Lost to the ether, the original episode nine will never be heard from again. This is the group's second take at episode nine. Hopefully it all goes well.

Tyler brings a tasty treat of an Atari classic, Ben offers a video game full of ninjas with guns, Josh shares a monstrous board game to destroy your friends, and Dane shows off another board game fit for a king and his knights to work together.

The guys also recap their topics from the original episode 9. That means you get 8 topics in one episode! Sit back grab your drink of choice and hold onto your butts.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwierschke
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:


3:00 - Tyler

5:15 - Ben

7:20 - Josh

10:40 - Dane

12:30 - EPISODE 9

13:38 - Tyler

21:09 - Ben

27:02 - Josh

  • King of Tokyo
  • Created by Richard Garfield
  • The Settlers of Catan
  • Carcassonne)
  • Innuendos during segment:
    • "That's not the only thing sitting up straight."
    • "You can get it done in like half an hour tops and still feel really fulfilled."
    • "I knew something like that was coming from Tyler."
    • "I gotta kill my wife and get this over with so I can actually do something."

35:40 - Dane

47:47 - Cultural Elephant

50:36 - Shout Outs

1:02:54 - Culturally Relevant

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#8: Dane's Real Voice

Tyler shares a B movie with lots of buggy gore, Ben brings a film that will leave you feeling squeamish, Josh offers a British tv show with a deep look at society technology, and Dane brings the joy back with a maraca video game.


Starship Troopers- Tyler
Nightcrawler - Ben
Blackmirror - Josh
Samba De Amigo - Dane

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwierschke
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:

7:19 - Tyler

17:06 - Ben

30:54 - Josh

40:33 - Dane

53:43 - Cultural Elephant

54:42 - Most Irrelevant

55:29 - Questions

  • What games might've come out for the PlayStation Nintendo prototype?

1:02:54 - Culturally Relevant

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#7: Hyuck, Hyuck, Hyuck!

#6: What Was That?

#5: Musical Interludes

During this episode Tyler shares an oddly wonderful game, Ben brings an indie comic with big heart, Josh tells us about a short film with lasting impact, and Dane introduces a "should have won an oscar" film. Ben and Josh also recap their time at the Minneapolis Wizard World.



Dead Head Fred - Tyler
The Kinder Guardians - Ben
La Jetée - Josh
Song of the Sea - Dane


#4: It's Not Scarface

Dane shares his favorite films from the Wisconsin Film Fest, Tyler talks about a creepy new movie, Ben brings a flick with a lot of firsts, and Josh shares some interestingly odd characters from the worlds most popular superhero team. We're also happy to announce our first donation to Culturally Irrelevant! 


Tusk - Tyler
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - Ben
Odd Avengers - Josh
Wisconsin Film Fest - Dane