#9: Take Two

Lost to the ether, the original episode nine will never be heard from again. This is the group's second take at episode nine. Hopefully it all goes well.

Tyler brings a tasty treat of an Atari classic, Ben offers a video game full of ninjas with guns, Josh shares a monstrous board game to destroy your friends, and Dane shows off another board game fit for a king and his knights to work together.

The guys also recap their topics from the original episode 9. That means you get 8 topics in one episode! Sit back grab your drink of choice and hold onto your butts.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwierschke
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:


3:00 - Tyler

5:15 - Ben

7:20 - Josh

10:40 - Dane

12:30 - EPISODE 9

13:38 - Tyler

21:09 - Ben

27:02 - Josh

  • King of Tokyo
  • Created by Richard Garfield
  • The Settlers of Catan
  • Carcassonne)
  • Innuendos during segment:
    • "That's not the only thing sitting up straight."
    • "You can get it done in like half an hour tops and still feel really fulfilled."
    • "I knew something like that was coming from Tyler."
    • "I gotta kill my wife and get this over with so I can actually do something."

35:40 - Dane

47:47 - Cultural Elephant

50:36 - Shout Outs

1:02:54 - Culturally Relevant

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