#40: Cody & Tyler Bonus Episode

Between new babies, sickness and general lack of planning most of the guys are out this week, so here’s a bonus episode with Tyler and podcast editor Cody Hardin! Tyler brings a crazy and over the top gore flick, and Cody brings an RPG that brings out the absolute worst of humanity. The guys will be back next episode!

0:49 Gushing over Josh and Al’s daughter

2:31 Old school monster films

4:10 The Score!

9:18 Tyler’s film “Tokyo Gore Police

21:38 Cody’s Game “Fiasco

40:37 Irrelevant/Elephant/More on Tokyo Gore Police

44:12 Stuff Cody has checked out because of the podcast

52:07 Wrap up

52:50 The guys give the gift that keeps on giving

Ben Lundsten

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