#38: A New Year and Old Friends

The guys start 2018 with what might be their longest episode yet. This is what happens when four friends haven't seen each other in a while!

Tyler brings a ridiculous, but amusing video game, Ben brings a Belgian thriller, Josh finds a way to do something for the first time on the podcast, and Dane rounds it out with a film that slipped through everyone's watch list.

3:40 Tyler’s pick “I am Bread”

23:30 Ben’s pick “The Unknown Girl”

38:30 Josh’s pick “Superfight”

51:28 Dane’s pick “Logan Lucky”

1:12:18 Irrelevant/Elephant

1:14:00 Dane wants to talk about Star Wars (Wait, really???) *SPOILERS*

1:26:00 It, and how good horror works

1:47:20 Movie ticket sales are dropping

Ben Lundsten

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