#36: Back From the Dead

On this hallow's eve four friends are returning from beyond the grave. You may have thought them dead, you may have even been ok with that, but too bad. We're back baby!

Enjoy this long awaited episode that we've filled with spooks and frights. 

1:35 Tyler’s first pick “Midnight Meat Train”

10:00 Tyler’s second pick “The Babysitter”

19:06 Ben’s first pick “Mind Hunters”

24:44 Josh’s first pick “Hush”

29:44 Josh’s second pick “Moonshine”

35:56 Dane’s first pick “Halloween III”

53:34 Ben’s second pick “Audition”

57:40 Dane’s second pick “Costume Quest/Costume Quest 2”

1:04:23 Elephant/Irrelevent

Ben Lundsten

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