#27: Smooth Silky Sounds

Tyler starts off this episode strong with a road trip horror comic, Ben resurrects a freebie and gives it the time it deserves, Josh brings a film by a comedy actor who stretches his acting chops, and Dane rounds it out with a non-fiction book on a controversial WW2 film.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwwhat
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:

10:42 - Tyler

35:54 - Ben

37:20 - Goodnight Devin

38:58 - Josh

1:02:03 - Dane

1:16:40 - Cultural Elephant

1:19:01 - Most Irrelevant

1:21:03 - Culturally Relevant

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