#26: The Boys Are Back

After his long hiatus Ben is back! Which means we've finally got all four dudes back in the same room.

Tyler starts it off strong with a classic 90s platformer, Ben's first pick back is an art documentary hosted by an Oscar winner, Josh shares a great new comic by the Twin Cities Comic Collective, and Dane finishes it off with a not so true horror documentary.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwwhat
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:

12:50 - Tyler

28:36 - Ben

41:00 - Josh

52:50 - Dane

1:04:15 - Cultural Elephant

1:05:49 - Most Irrelevant

1:09:45 - Culturally Relevant

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