#1: I Gotta Go Back To Wisconsin

The inaugural Culturally Irrelevant episode where we discuss our goals for the show and the film Birdman. The format of our show will not be following the format of this episode. Instead of discussing one single item, each of our hosts will bring something new to the table every episode.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and please send us some feedback!


Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) - Everyone

Episode Timeline:

19.5 - Introductions

2:44 - Birdman Overview

8:47 - Acting’s Dual Nature

16:29 - Spoilers Start / Surrealism

21:43 - Actors Are People Too

23:56.5 - Parent Values / Friendship / Reconnecting

33:08 - Aging of Best Pictures

41:30.5 - Best Picture Recall

48:28.3 - Emotional, But Not Draining / Awards Opening

52:47 - What The Nerds Took Out Of Birdman

1:03:45.4 - What The Nerds Want From Culturally Irrelevant

1:11:05 - Shoutouts & Sign Off

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