#38: A New Year and Old Friends

The guys start 2018 with what might be their longest episode yet. This is what happens when four friends haven't seen each other in a while!

Tyler brings a ridiculous, but amusing video game, Ben brings a Belgian thriller, Josh finds a way to do something for the first time on the podcast, and Dane rounds it out with a film that slipped through everyone's watch list.

3:40 Tyler’s pick “I am Bread”

23:30 Ben’s pick “The Unknown Girl”

38:30 Josh’s pick “Superfight”

51:28 Dane’s pick “Logan Lucky”

1:12:18 Irrelevant/Elephant

1:14:00 Dane wants to talk about Star Wars (Wait, really???) *SPOILERS*

1:26:00 It, and how good horror works

1:47:20 Movie ticket sales are dropping

#37: Merry Relevance

Happy Merry time of the year Christmas stuff! The guys actually did pretty good this episode and bring some great topics and don't fight with each other as much. It must be that Christmas spirit!

7:00 Tyler’s pick “Homeworld”
22:50 Ben’s pick  “Dark”
32:13 Josh’s pick “Never let me go”
43:41 Dane’s pick “Blind Chance”
1:04:41 Elephant/Irrelevent
1:08:23 Justice League/Bye Bye Batfleck

1:17:24 45 minute conversations on superhero movies, micromanagement, Netflix pitches,  and business decisions

1:55:40 Point and click games and other fun stuff

#36: Back From the Dead

On this hallow's eve four friends are returning from beyond the grave. You may have thought them dead, you may have even been ok with that, but too bad. We're back baby!

Enjoy this long awaited episode that we've filled with spooks and frights. 

1:35 Tyler’s first pick “Midnight Meat Train”

10:00 Tyler’s second pick “The Babysitter”

19:06 Ben’s first pick “Mind Hunters”

24:44 Josh’s first pick “Hush”

29:44 Josh’s second pick “Moonshine”

35:56 Dane’s first pick “Halloween III”

53:34 Ben’s second pick “Audition”

57:40 Dane’s second pick “Costume Quest/Costume Quest 2”

1:04:23 Elephant/Irrelevent

#34: When The Dane Is Away

Tyler introduces the gang to a video game that feels like a classic on crack, Ben shares an action-packed introduction of anime, Dane is no where to be found so Josh had to bring a nostalgic sci-fi comic book.

7:50 Tyler's pick

19:00 Ben's pick

32:53 Josh's pick

46:10 The guys talk about Beauty and the Beast

51:12 Irrelevant/Elephant

52:14 The guys go back to Beauty and the Beast/Disney adaptations

56:50 The guys talk about netflix's new matching system   

1:04:02 The guys talk about Ghost in the Shell

1:22:00 The guys talk about Iron Fist/Netflix original series  

1:25:00 Wrap up  

#32: The Episode Where Josh and Tyler Hold Hands

Tyler gives a marvelous board game of his youth, Ben presents a Korean thriller bound to haunt you, Josh brings a cuddly and destructive card game, and Dane finishes with a hidden comedy gem.

2:29 Tyler's pick and Josh's subsequent freakout

14:11 Ben's pick

35:36 Josh's pick

40:51 The guys plead to the voice assistant overlords but their cries are ignored

46:10 Dane's pick

53:00 Elephant/Irrelevant

57:14 Oscars


1:20:25 Wrap up

1:24:22 Bonus Bit


#28: Hold The Dane

After a short break the guys are back, well almost all of them. What shenanigans are Tyler, Josh, and Ben up to in the first ever no-Dane episode? Time to find out.

#27: Smooth Silky Sounds

Tyler starts off this episode strong with a road trip horror comic, Ben resurrects a freebie and gives it the time it deserves, Josh brings a film by a comedy actor who stretches his acting chops, and Dane rounds it out with a non-fiction book on a controversial WW2 film.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwwhat
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:

10:42 - Tyler

35:54 - Ben

37:20 - Goodnight Devin

38:58 - Josh

1:02:03 - Dane

1:16:40 - Cultural Elephant

1:19:01 - Most Irrelevant

1:21:03 - Culturally Relevant

Culturally Irrelevant
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#26: The Boys Are Back

After his long hiatus Ben is back! Which means we've finally got all four dudes back in the same room.

Tyler starts it off strong with a classic 90s platformer, Ben's first pick back is an art documentary hosted by an Oscar winner, Josh shares a great new comic by the Twin Cities Comic Collective, and Dane finishes it off with a not so true horror documentary.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Ben - @benlundsten
Josh - @joshwwhat
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:

12:50 - Tyler

28:36 - Ben

41:00 - Josh

52:50 - Dane

1:04:15 - Cultural Elephant

1:05:49 - Most Irrelevant

1:09:45 - Culturally Relevant

Culturally Irrelevant
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#25: Classed Up

In this episode Ben is still AWOL, but Josh has returned!

Tyler, being all classed up, brought a criterion and cinema classic. Josh brings a nowadays famous director's first major motion picture. Ben being AWOL had fun overseas. And Dane from his Facebook and social media fast brings a ridiculous, yet real and readable novella.

#24: Producer In The House

This episode our produce, Michael, joins the show in place of Ben and Josh. Will he fill their shoes? You be the judge.

Tyler starts it off with a classic adventure game, then our producer Michael brings an action packed sci-fi film, and Dane shares a horror flick with some interesting perspective.

Our Hosts Online:

Tyler - @nerdatwar
Michael - @mknepprath
Dane - @dchristenson26

Show Notes:

7:24 - Tyler

22:30 - Michael

38:57 - Dane

59:27 - Cultural Elephant

1:02:43 - Most Irrelevant

1:02:56 - Culturally Relevant

Culturally Irrelevant
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#23: The Dane and Tyler Show

#22: We're Professionals

The first episode of our second year of podcasting and it's starting out strong or so we'd like to think. Tyler shares an absurd film for punk rockers, Ben's film is a horror comedy fresh from Tyler's own list, Josh has his favorite comic from 2015, and Dane brings a classic black and white film for all ages.

#21: One More Year

They've done it! The guys have made it one year and if you've been with them the entire time thank you! For their first anniversary the guys brought some pretty great stuff. Tyler offers up a killer Korean monster flick, Ben shares a new foodie show, Josh brings something right up Tyler and Danes ally with a off the wall horror movie, and Dane shares an old school wacky horror game for the Dreamcast.

Thank you for supporting our show and welcome to all the new listeners! Here's to a great second year of Culturally Irrelevant!

#20: Dane In Real Life

#19: Adios, Rails

The guys have a special guest this episode and lets just say this doesn't help their pre-existing lack of ability to stay on topic. Tyler brings a creeptastic Austrian horror flick, Ben shares a killer shoot'em up, Josh offers up a slow but insightful board game, and Dane has a film that isn't as cheesy as it sounds.

Prepare yourself for the the groups most boisterous episode yet!