Theme Songs

Music is an incredible way to solidify our emotions with a specific experience. Hearing something like John Williams', The Imperial March, will always give me the chills and bring me back to my grandparents basement watching Star Wars for the first time on VHS.

For me the intro song to any podcast is a huge part of setting up the show and creating the right mood. As 90's kids, we wanted something that brought us back to our early days of nerdom. Something we could all connect with and something our listeners could identify with as well.

That brought us to where we found the incredibly talented Rocco W. Rocco's music was an instant hit, probably because it's all created on a Nintendo Gameboy. Soon enough we found Break-A-Leg and we were sold.

We emailed Rocco and within the hour he had gotten back to us and said we could use his song! We can't thank Rocco enough for giving us the best freaking intro song we could hope for! Please check out more of Rocco's work at

Our hope is that when you hear Rocco's 15 second intro to our podcast, you get a little nostalgic and excited for what's to come. 

We hope you enjoy the show!


Ben Lundsten

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